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    ARC Linkage Project scheme: Project Description Guide

    • ARC Linkage Project scheme: Project Description Guide

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This Project Description guide for the Linkage Project scheme will help you interpret the ARC’s Instructions to Applicants and write a convincing, compelling and compliant application. The guide provides step-by-step advice on each key aspect of the Project Description, enabling you to write an application based on national best practice and substantially improving your chance of success.

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What they're saying...

Professor Andrew Beer

Executive Dean, UniSA Business School

The feedback I received on my grant application to the Linkage program in late 2017 was the most helpful and thought provoking advice on an application I have ever received. It encouraged me to think more strategically about the positioning of my project description, challenged me to avoid complacency and provided clear signals on how to be successful. The Grant Ed Group’s advice saw me awarded the largest Linkage project for six years.

Professor Andrew Dzurak

Engineering - University of New South Wales

The assistance you provided was both practical, and saved me considerable time, and also strategic. I feel that your assistance definitely helped me in achieving a successful outcome with my fellowship.

Gillian Oliver

Associate Professor, Digital Equity - Monash University

I'm always very impressed with the feedback I get from GrantEd, and this is no exception. The work you do is amazing, I was telling a colleague this morning that you have superpowers!

Amanda Berry

Professor of STEM Education - Monash University

Sometimes you named things that had been lurking in our thinking but had not explicitly named, and other times it was a new insight that was really helpful for sharpening our focus and keeping the writing at the big picture level.